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FAILURE OF HUMANKIND is second album from Slovak Thrash metal band VENDETA, released 9.9.2016 by SupporUnderground Label.


released September 9, 2016



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VENDETA Slovakia

VENDETA is thrash metal band from slovakia formed in 2008,in 2013 we release our first album "Face beneath the mask", actually we are recording second album which will be release during the 2016.

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Track Name: Contagion

Return from your dreams of infernal questions
Wake up in the reality of turbid despotism
Rats with pretence walkin¥ everywhere around you
Wherever you take a look,you see only evil

They spread wheels of their waggishness
They prepare devil¥s arrival into your deceived soul
They hide real faces before us
The liars and cheaters want everyone pauperize

A sound of revolt¥s hammer dying way afar
The raging crowd wants to abort a dastardly lies
A fear and anxiety in depth of souls
change into the mad wrath

Overcome a timidness against the human rats
No fear of their eyes that light in the black darkness
Rise up signify a dissent to their frauds
Defy and resist these contagions

A sound of revolt¥s hammer dying way afar
The raging crowd wants to abort a dastardly lies
A fear and anxiety in depth of souls
change into the mad wrath

that brings the war
the start of a new episode
it¥s a liars decay
who can only betray
that brings the war
the start of a new episode
End of contagion
Track Name: Bloodthirsty beasts

Rudder of a worldwide policy and economy
history soaked by innocent blood
Roughshod arrest whipping antagonists
brutal killing mandatory suicides

Bloodthirsty beasts

Noble murderess a female bloodiness
symbol of fear and absolute mastery
Revengeful intrigantes manipulated with destinys
depravity of perversive debauchery

Bloodthirsty beasts

female tyrants megalomaniac murderesses
A slavish deference was only survival

The pleasures of mass annihilation
The extortions and political machinations

Dirty backstage games suppresed corruptness
an artfulness and desire for absolute fame
Calculative insolence ruthless massacres
sadistic orgies of the Bestial Dames

Bloodthirsty beasts
Track Name: Suicide of murderer

Awakening from a dream which looks like a reality
life in it seemed like killing me
I can't explain squeezing force on my neck
somebody tries to end my life instead of me
Hopeless crying for help doesn¥t give me a chance
suddenly I wake and breathe again

When I look into the mirror my face is deformed
so I don't expect my own reflection
Dark suspense and scratches all over my body
I feel something bad which i can't explain yet

The look on me is horrible
I can not see with my own eyes
Suicide of murderer

I¥m becoming flooded by my blood
I am observing a feeling of fear inside of me
something is cutting into my neck
nasty sense is giving me chills on my skin

The look on me is more horrible
I can not see with my own eyes
Suicide of murderer

Someone¥s creating the incision on my neck
my soul is slowly going out of me

Cold sentiment is locking my palms
when body gently dies
The bleeding from my veins
my body¥s declining, it¥s a loss

A man of unclear face has extinguished my life
as in a dream I¥d been dreaming
as i woke up yesterday
I didn¥t even care about escape
because I¥ve found that the murderer is me
Track Name: Madness of sleep

Memorable story illusion or reality
exceeding of explanation
leading to anxiety
hyperphysical power hidden shadow
disrupts your restful sleep
Lost soul roams over night
You feel its steps and hear its weep

Uncalled monsters midnight ghosts
frightening mind when you should take a rest
Headless figures arouse madness of thoughts
Often you dream with one eye open
unknown hand pulls you away
After squeezing pillow¥s corner
shocking awakening into emptiness

Wakeful nights terrible dreams
black straying of trapped souls
Apparitions crackling sounds
empty room full of questions
Fast heartbeat shivery breath
torrent of a gelid sweat
you feel a frost on your back
Foreign hand wandering on your neck

Arcane face with gloomy veil
bringing a fear and despair close to your bed
You cannot forget that face
waiting until night turns to day
Fitfull sleep the mind aflame
confusing imagery of Hell
Madness of sleep
Track Name: Children's of predators

Murderers who had abused their diseased minds
they committed series of homicides
Killers who profaned strange spotless blood
are now fading-away in the unsuspecting crowd

Raped stabbed bodies hidden in the graves
Stolen souls in forests burned in the flames
Limit of saturation was filthy raging
Uncontrolled result of homicidal tendencies

Injections and chemical castrations can¥t stop
extremely hazardous repeated actions

The gallows of many throttled and poisoned sacrifices
where insidious character incited to kill children
Terrific past a menacing presence
Future is insecure Predators will attack again
Aggresive sadism of necrophiles

Changed capital punishment is ejecting breath
Changed name and liberty mean threat

Terrific past a menacing presence
Future is insecure Predators will attack again
When predators will attack again?
Track Name: Painfull decision

Lost good sense in abrupt flash
inconscient delirious
Perplexed feelings occupy
chaotic distraught mind
Jerkiness devours inside

Feeling pain shedding tears
only dust from your fantasies
Addiction with scare
still jailed in devil`s cell
Mental collapse disability
panic supports insanity
Torturous anguish in your head
Final warning before the End

Satan's destruction goes through you
Drugs control and rule abusing
Desperation with a painful scream
one shot magic nonrecurring dream
When you want to be in paradise
grip fist and stretch your arm

One breathe is enough and you can join them
completely into dark until you go insane
Paranoic brain leads you as puppet
noobody will save you stabbed bodies are falling

Graves of millions of victims
holes of devil¥s laughter
When you feel the coffin of captivity
then you start to perceive fact of life
What will follow?
Hard goodbyes
addictive drugs confusing your mind
Painful desicion
When you want to go to the other side
Just struggle against the sorrow
against the pain against the fear
Believe in better tommorow
Timidness can¥t discourage you
Track Name: Failure of humankind

Humankind¥s collapse
has began long time ago
gold rush
daily threat of war
Gold mines and oilfields
conflicts due to wealthiness
Greediness induce delicts
all of that is causing collisions
A rapacious possessions¥s charm

Smuggling drugs illegal trades
secret discussions
Disrespect feels dismay
The human failure

Corrupt scadals
an incompetency
Stifle a prosecutions
rich criminals are staying free
Monstrous disregard
supported by knavery
Everywhere is insolence
arrogance and perfidy

Primacy arrogant attitude
and money in prime
meaning nothing good
Society glorifies self-importance
doesn¥t realize incredible decadence